Hip, Leg & Knee Pain

Consultants in Pain Medicine provides comprehensive treatment for pain in the hip, leg, and knee. We provide a series of minimally invasive, non-operative treatments and therapies to get you back on your feet. Our commitment is to help our patients experience an improved quality of life.

Improve Your Quality of Life

There are many reasons why an individual could be experiencing pain in the hip, leg, or knee. We work diligently to effectively diagnose the cause of the pain so it can be addressed and eliminated. Whether you are experiencing intermittent bouts of pain or long, consistent pain that never seems to go away, our pain management physicians will provide you with the highest levels of quality care to resolve your discomfort.

Hip, Leg, & Knee Pain Treatment Includes:

  • Fluoroscopic Guided Hip Injection
  • HYALGAN® Injection for Knee Pain
  • Prolotherapy Treatment for Chronic Knee Pain
  • Visco-supplementation for Arthritis of the Knee

Improve Your Quality of Life

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